Pack Distribution's FAQs

  • Do I need an established business to place an order?

    We are pleased to provide purchase opportunities to both individuals and businesses. If you haven't established a trading name yet, we can issue invoices directly to you as an individual, but sales tax will be applied to those without a resale certificate.


    • Is it secure to shop on

    Rest assured, your data is meticulously safeguarded. Every online transaction is subjected to rigorous encryption measures and is transmitted via our server, employing industry-approved SSL technology (128-bit encryption) to preempt any potential interception of information. To verify the robustness of your connection, please direct your attention to the lower corner of your browser window while making your purchase. If you observe a closed padlock (or potentially on the right-hand side of the address bar) or an unbroken key, depending on your browser, this signifies the active status of SSL and the impervious security of our server. You can also corroborate this by inspecting the URL in your browser's address bar. When connected to our secure server, the initial characters of the site address will shift from "http" to "https."


    • Are your products authentic?

    All products we offer are fresh, new, clean, and authentic.


    • How do I place an order?

    We aim to ensure a secure and tailored shopping experience; customers are required to log in or register on our website before making a purchase. To place an order, customers must initiate the account creation process by filling out a form with accurate and current information. Upon receiving your application, it will be reviewed, and our customer support team will reach out to verify the provided data. Customers are solely responsible for all activities conducted under their registered accounts and must promptly inform us of any unauthorized use, suspicious activities, or security breaches related to their accounts. Our commitment to safeguarding customer privacy and securing their personal information is outlined in our comprehensive privacy policy. By registering and making a purchase, customers acknowledge and consent to the terms of our privacy policy. By registering on our website and placing an order, customers affirm that they have read, comprehended, and agreed to adhere to our policies.


    • Do you provide your inventory list in an Excel or CSV format?

    Certainly, we can provide that service. However, our best-selling and rapidly moving products are primarily distributed through our website and email broadcasts.


    • Do we provide volume discounts, larger quantity pre-orders, and unique product offerings?

    Yes, depending on the specific product offer and our relationship with the purchaser, we can offer discounts, unique individual product offerings, pre-orders, and more. We're happy to develop long-standing and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients and customers.


    • Do we provide documentation to resell on Amazon or other third-party platforms?

    Upon confirming your order (before making payment), we will send you a Sales Order Receipt. Following payment, a Paid Invoice will be forwarded to you. We specialize in product sales and want to clarify that we cannot take responsibility for the ungating process or any other documentation requested by a third-party platform. As third-party marketplace policies are constantly changing, we cannot advise on how any third-party marketplace will interpret documentation. We do not provide a "letter of authorization" from the brands or any other additional documentation. In the event that a third-party platform does not approve your request, we can offer reselling services and make the product accessible to another buyer If your order has not been shipped or picked up from our warehouse already.

    Should you require images of the products, we are more than happy to supply them after the invoice has been paid in full and the goods are ready for shipment.

    As a potential best practice, you may want to ensure that the information you provide on your account with our company matches your third-party marketplace account.


    • Do you provide prep services?

    Yes, we can prepare your order to be ready for FBA, WFS, or any other fulfillment center you would like for us to ship the product to. We will provide you with photos upon product shipment, and Pack Distribution will not be liable for any products lost, misplaced, or damaged at your fulfillment center partner.

    We provide the following services:

    - FNSKU Product labeling $0.30/unit

    - Polybagging $0.75/unit

    - Bubble wrapping $1/unit

    - Multi-packing $0.50/unit

    - Product Bundling $0.75/unit

    - Product Photos - Variable

    - Packaging and Shipping to FBA – Free/Buyer to provide shipping labels

    Please feel free to contact us if you have specific requests.


    • Do you have a dropshipping program?

    No, we do not, but we can offer some fulfillment services. Please get in touch with us for further information.


    • When does lead time begin?

    Lead time begins upon confirmation of order payment. Some of our products are ready for shipping immediately. Once we receive your shipping labels, your order will be shipped out within one business day. Lead time refers to the timeframe between the product offering and the products arriving at our warehouse.


    • Can we arrange shipping?

    If you would like us to handle shipping, we will quote you with our UPS account and send you a separate invoice for shipping.


    • What is our minimum order quantity?

    It varies from offer to offer, but our company strives to make products available to Sellers of all sizes and scales. Please send us an email if you have any questions or requests.


    • What are the payment options?

    We accept the following methods of payment and can only accept one payment type per order:


    - Zelle

    - Direct bank deposit (ACH, T/T, Wire)


    If these payment methods do not work for you then please contact us for a potential resolution. 



    • How do I avoid paying sales tax?

    . Please submit your Resale Certificate Form to be Tax Exempt and email us with a copy of your seller's permit. email:


    • What is the condition of all the products that we sell?

    All of our products are in New, Fresh, and Clean condition. We also ensure that they are authentic and will refund any purchases that do not meet such standards unless otherwise previously specified and mutually agreed upon.


    • How does our pricing model work?

    We make our best effort to provide the most affordable premium cosmetic products to the marketplace as we can. Please note as market conditions, availability of products, and other factors evolve, we occasionally need to adjust our prices accordingly. We take no responsibility for price fluctuations within Amazon's or any other marketplaces. We highly recommend that you check the prices before making any new purchases to ensure you have the most up-to-date information.


    • When will we notify you about your order?

    We will notify you when we receive your payment, when the order is ready to be shipped, and when the order has been shipped. We reserve the right to decline or cancel any order or part thereof. We will notify you prior to making any changes.


    • Can I pick up my order?

    Yes, we do offer local pick-ups by appointment only. Please send us an email for scheduling.


    • Do you ship internationally?

    Yes, we can ship out your order to your destination. However, you would have to provide your own shipping labels and arrange a pick-up by the carrier of your choice. Please take into consideration our business hours.

    Please note we are unable to assist with your local customs procedures and regulations.


    • Can I cancel, return, or change my order?

    All sales are final. Under almost all circumstances, we do not allow order cancellations, returns, or exchanges.

    Before placing an order, please check if you are eligible to resell any product we offer on the marketplace where you intend to sell the product.

    When you place an order, you are acknowledged that your order represents an offer to purchase all the products and services listed within it. While we are pleased to facilitate the sale and shipment of our products to your specified location, any subsequent sales or issues that may arise when selling these products on Amazon or other marketplaces will be entirely your responsibility. We take no responsibility for Amazon/Walmart/third-party marketplace issues, brand-related issues, or any further resale-related issues. How customers choose to resell products is not related to Pack Distribution, nor can we accept liability for any resale practices our customers decide to participate in.


    • How does our reselling service work?

    Pack Distribution and the client must mutually execute a product consignment agreement, and the client must approve the reselling price for the product prior to the products leaving our warehouse. Pack Distribution will be doing all possible within reason to resell the product as soon as possible. After the product is resold, the customer's account will be credited, or a refund will be issued. A 10% service charge will be applied for the reselling services. Pack Distribution cannot take any responsibility for the reselling result. Pack Distribution can't provide any specific timeframe when the product will be resold. Pack Distribution will notify the customer when the product is resold. Pack Distribution can stop the reselling at any time due to any reason without any notice.


    • How do you process refunds?

    Through direct bank transfer via ACH/Wire.


    Refunds are typically given in instances when we can issue a refund to the customer:

    • If any product(s) shipped is damaged (not damaged during transit)
    • If a product shipped is faulty (different product, different size, shade, etc.)
    • Supply chain issues (product(s) were canceled by the supplier)
    • We accept the customer's request to return the product.


    By default, we will process the refund within seven business days.


    • How can I report problems with my order?

    Please inspect the contents of your shipment immediately upon arrival. Any claims related to the products must be reported within 72 hours of delivery. If you receive a product that is faulty or incorrect, please contact us directly within 72 hours of receiving your order. Claims for damages that occurred during transit must be reported to the carrier. Pack Distribution is not liable for damages or losses caused by the carrier. Pack Distribution is also not responsible for damages or losses incurred at third-party warehouses, including Amazon's FBA centers, and with forwarders.

    For an order to be eligible for a return, the products must be unused and in the same quantity and condition as when they were received, and they must be in their original packaging. Once we receive and inspect your return, we will send you an email to inform you of the approval or rejection of your refund request. You have up to 7 days to return the ordered products at your own expense. If the reason for the return is our error, we will provide you with a shipping label for the return. We cannot receive returns from any third-party marketplace fulfillment center.